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Almost a Dad

So, I’m almost a dad.

My wife Kim is due in a month and we are both super excited. We’ve been to our pre-natal classes, I have painted the baby’s room, we have the crib, stroller, swing, vibrating chair, clothes, etc. (all handed down by friends who have kids that are a bit older). We are ready, I think.

I have been working with kids for so many years doing all kinds of stuff from performing, teaching in schools, guitar lessons to sports camps, recreational gymnastics and babysitting. The list goes on and on but I still find myself feeling a bit nervous. I make my living in front of a microphone, but I’m not used to being nervous.

It really hit me when I was at Costco yesterday afternoon. There was a sale on diapers so I thought I might buy some (we intend to go with some kind of washable/re-useable for the most part but we’ve heard it’s good to have some disposables on hand). I found myself surrounded by a mountain of diapers with numbers and weight categories, different brands, baby wipes also on sale (but you have to buy 900 of them). For a guy who gets anxiety shopping for a new shirt this was a bit overwhelming. I asked a mom what I should buy for a newborn. She told me there are less-than-one diapers you can get for newborns, but Costco doesn’t have them. She then advised me about online coupons for pampers which can result in even more saving. She then told me to just buy the 1-2 diapers because, as she said, “you will use them anyway.” I thanked her and thought that was reasonable advice so went to pick up a box, unfortunately the Costco size has 216 diapers (not the low environmental impact we had in mind). Needless to say I didn’t buy the diapers.

I guess until now I just thought I would be able to trust my instincts for the most part when it comes to parenting but there are so many things I don’t know. My parents were great when they were raising me. My wife’s parents were great when they raised her. I’m surrounded by excellent parenting role models so what do I have to worry about? Any of you parents out there have some advice?

I’m looking forward to so many adventures and new experiences with my daughter. We’ve already started some pre-natal music time and I’m really looking forward to writing some new lullabies for bedtime.

I’ve been telling people I’m growing my fan base at a real grassroots level, one fan at a time! I’m a big fan of my parents— I hope she’ll grow up to be a big fan of her dad!

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