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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show


Elliot’s thoughts on performing with me in The Backyard Band

Elliott's Band, the SSRIs

Recently my bass player Elliot Langford was interviewed by the Georgia Straight about his band, the SSRIs, new album they are about to release. It is an awesome album, not specifically for kids, however might make for a good soundtrack for a major temper tantrum. I won’t post the whole interview but you should give this a read. I got a real kick out of it!

“When it does come time to showcase their latest batch of Cardiacs-style pronk on-stage, Langford might feel a tad out of his element. As of late, the Vancouver native has been performing for face-painted toddlers while backing local children’s entertainer Will Stroet. It seems like pretty scary territory for a guy who grew up listening to the Blood Brothers and Primus, but the 24-year-old insists that the kiddie circuit isn’t actually all that different from the gigs he plays with SSRIs, give or take a few music-nerd and indie-fashionista types.

“It’s like a mini-punk show, really,” he says with a laugh, visibly relieved to be moving on to more jovial topics. “They don’t even realize how punk they’re being, jumping up and down all crazy and weird-like.

“I’ve been thinking about stealing their sweet moves,” he continues. “I always like it when people are down to bring out their crazy, spaz-out party moves.”

Well said Elliot, well said!

To read the rest of this article from the Georgia Straight go here. http://www.straight.com/article-327748/vancouver/getting-better-all-time

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