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Without challenges we would have no achievements

Finntastic Afternoon

What was your last great achievement? I bet it came as a result of a considerable challenge. You may have challenged yourself, say to do a triathlon, or maybe a challenge was thrust upon you through your work, say a large and daunting project to complete. Either way, without challenges there would be very little to motivate us in our daily lives.

This year I have decided to do The Ride to Conquer Cancer. This will be a challenge, both to prepare myself physically to complete the 260+ km ride from Vancouver to Seattle, and also to raise the minimum $2,500.00 prior to the ride in June. This challenge feels daunting at times, but then I remember why I am doing the ride. Last month my mother-in-law Janis was diagnosed with breast cancer. When we heard the news it was as if a bomb dropped in our family. Cancer puts everything in perspective. We were recently blessed with the birth of our first daughter last year, and one of my favourite things is seeing her and her grandparents interact. A baby brings pure love to a family, cancer however bring pure dread to a family.

My mother-in-law now has to face what will probably be the most difficult challenge of her life. We are all there to support her in any way we can, but ultimately this is her challenge. I am inspired by her attitude in the face of this challenge. She has had two minor surgeries so far, and is now preparing for chemo-therapy and radiation. Her outlook is positive, which is very much in keeping with her personality. Her outlook and attitude help the rest of us, as we feel somewhat helpless, believe she is going to give it her all.

Janis has inspired me to meet the challenge to do The Ride to Conquer Cancer. Maybe in some small way our team can help inspire Janis to meet and beat hers.

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