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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show

Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show


It takes a village to raise a children’s musician

2012 was an incredible year for us at Pebble Star Productions. Kim and I worked extremely hard this year on a number of projects but the simple fact of the matter is we would not have had the successes of 2012 without a lot of help. This post is my 2012 Thank You card to everyone who helped me as I continue to pursue my dream.

1. Kim Thé, my wife and manager extraordinaire. I can’t even begin to thank her enough for her dedication. @MomMusicManager

2. Cam Hayduk and Kat Kelly Hayduk from Turtlebox Productions. If you have seen my videos, they are the amazing team behind them. They went out on a limb with us this year and for that we are very very thankful. Stay tuned, more to come! @Turtlebox

3. My parents, Bill and Marion, and my in-laws, Rick and Janis. Now that we have our little Ella, they have been more supportive than ever. Great parents and amazing grandparents!

4. The Backyard Band: Elliot Langford, Kevin Romain and Jo Hirabayashi. One configuration or another of these guys played about 80 shows with me in 2012. They are great band members who work hard, play well and are very reliable.

5. Kim Wilson, Head of Children’s Programming at Kids’ CBC. We met Kim this year and were excited  to hear she likes my videos and music! This is hopefully just the start of a long relationship with her and the CBC. Will’s Jams videos will be airing soon – stay tuned! @kidscbc

6. ArtStarts’ Navida, Sarah, Rekha and the rest of the team for inviting me to showcase in 2012 and for their help in booking tours this past year. @ArtStarts

7. OSAC’s Marianne Woods for working with us to build such a great tour in Saskatchewan! @OSACsask

8. Mario Vaira from Five Fathom Studios. Mario has produced my last 4 albums. “My Backyard,” “Dans mon jardin,” “Walk ‘n’ Roll,” and the 2012 release “Ensemble, en cadence.” Great records and a great producer! @mariovaira

9. Katharine Carol and Lucie Lareau of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. This year, the first festival I ever attended as a child invited me to be a headlining act. I am very thankful for this. @vicf

10. Lisa Thé, my sister-in-law and our graphic designer. She’s very talented at helping to make me look good. Those Thé sisters, what can I say but thank you.

11. Laura from Movies for Mommies for hosting our “Will’s Jams” big screen premiere and concert. @Movies4MomsVan

12. The team at Le Centre Culturel de Vancouver for hosting the release party for “Ensemble, en cadence.” @ccfv

13. The producers of Dragons’ Den who invited me to pitch. For more information you’ll have to wait a little longer…@cbcdragon

14. Adrian Liem for creating my new website in 2012 @adrianliem

15. Cynthia Ramamonjisoa for her translation work for my French albums including the 2012 release “Ensemble, en cadence.”

16. Patrick Aldous, our Lawyer, for his valuable advice and services.

17. Other theatres and events that hosted our show in 2012: @theardentheatre, @fatcatfestival, @CanadaPlace, Surrey and PoCo Canada Days, @artswhistler, Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC, and the Tait family in Calgary.

18. The 100 or so schools, administrators and teachers who invited me to perform this past year.

19. Those friends who put us up for a night or two while on tour. It is always nice to have some breaks from hotels.

20. Last, but certainly not least, my daughter Ella Mae who provides so much inspiration and enthusiasm for what I do.

We are looking forward to another great year in 2013 and I know there will again be many people on my thank you list in a year from now.

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