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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show


Hockey’s Just Really Cool – Free song download

Well, it’s a controversial topic. The NHL is back. The billionaires finally came to an agreement with the millionaires. To make amends, fans in Florida can now buys season’s tickets for $200, and in Vancouver we can still pay over $200 for one ticket. There is no question that Canada is a hockey mad market, and for good reason, it is an incredibly exciting sport!

I’m a fan of playing sports and  a fan of watching sports; I’m also a musician who likes to write songs about sports! In honour of the imminent hockey season, and my upcoming winter tour in BC and AB, I’m offering a free download of “Hockey’s Just Really Cool,” and the French version, “Le hockey c’est vraiment chouette.”

Free song download instructions

Click on this link to download “Hockey’s Just Really Cool”

Click on this link to download “Le hockey c’est vraiment chouette”

For details about my public shows during my upcoming BC and AB tour, click here.

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