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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show

Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show


A Dance with Dragons – Part 2

Dragon's Den

Well, that was a short clip! If you missed my pitch on Dragons’ Den last night, you can watch it here.

Now that the episode has aired, I can finally (after 10 months of waiting) share what is was really like to pitch to the Dragons.

First off, the most entertaining part of my pitch was getting the Dragons up and dancing and doing the actions to the “Bike Safety Boogie.” They were pretty hilarious (some of them even had a hard time following the actions) but they were all good sports and really did channel their inner child! It was a surreal experience for me to sing that song with them. It was even stranger than the time I got Michael Ignatief to do “I Wanna Dance” at a street festival on Main street a number of years ago after picking him out of the crowd as a ‘volunteer’ to dance for everyone!

The rest of my pitch to the Dragons was not that dramatic, and as anyone can see, that is what Dragons’ Den  is all about. I got them dancing and then I delivered my pitch – they tried a number of times to derail the pitch, as they always do, but I managed to keep them focused. I also had the chance to share my “Full of Beans” video and finally answered their questions. What they communicated to me at the end was that they felt I had talent and that my business was a sustainable one based on my track record, but it wasn’t really scalable or one in which they could see a big return on their investment.

The upshot of the whole thing is that one month after I pitched the Dragons, Kim and I went and pitched “Will’s Jams”, which we produced with Turtlebox Productions, to children’s TV executives at the Banff World Media Festival and we received a great response. Our first meeting was with Kids’ CBC and it went extremely well. Within five minutes of showing the videos, we started talking business! As some of you know, we’ve now signed a deal with Kids’ CBC. This is the really exciting news! Starting in May, you will be able to catch “Will’s Jams” every morning during CBC’s children’s programming. More details will be coming very soon so stay tuned.

The deal with CBC means so much more to our business than an investment from the Dragons would have, and we’ve proved to ourselves that we can do it without their help.  Teaming up with CBC is like a dream come true in so many ways as we feel they are a perfect fit for my music and my brand. In the end, I’m actually really glad we didn’t have to give up any equity to the Dragons since we’re having success on our own.

On a final note, I’m glad Kevin got a chance to play my guitar after I had left the studio, but his “song” was pretty lame. 🙂 I.think he was sore that I got them all up dancing, and that even Jim had better moves than him!

Watch my pitch

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  • Catherine Says:

    Félicitation Will !
    Tellement contente de tes succès , et merci de choisir radio canada ! Hope you have still time for touring in schools .
    Catherine Hamel – Maple Ridge

  • Will Says:

    Merci Catherine,
    I definitely still have time to perform in schools! We always have such a great time performing at your immersion schools in Maple Ridge. If you’d like to look at booking some please let me know by email, we are currently booking the 2013/14 school year.

  • Eugenia Says:

    Will – Felicitations a propos de Radio Canada! First saw you perform at Ecole Willow Point, in Campbell River. Bought a CD for our grandson Luc who lives in Geneve, Suisse. He loved your ‘Cadence’ CD! He is coming to Vancouver in July. Do you have any concerts planned for then? If not, hope we can find you on CBC!
    Merci, Eugenia