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“Just Imagine” CD launch contest

Just Imagine album cover


We are releasing my new album “Just Imagine” and the French version “Imagine” on September 30. The band and I are hitting the road for CD release concerts in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

To celebrate the CD launch and upcoming tour, I’ve decided to run a contest for my Facebook and Twitter followers to win one of two prize packs that include:

1. Tickets for 4 to one of our CD launch parties in Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto

2. A new “Will Stroet” t-shirt (to be released soon)

3. A signed copy of the new album, either in English “Just Imagine” or in French “Imagine”

4. A signed copy of my DVD “Will’s Jams

Here’s how the contest works: The album has 12 tracks so I will ask one question each day for 12 days. I will post the question here on my blog and share it on Facebook and Twitter. To participate just answer the question on my blog, on my Facebook page or by Tweeting it to me @willkidsmusic. Whether you answer on Facebook or Twitter make sure you include the question number (i.e. Q1) and the hashtag #JustImagine. You can enter an answer each day for a total of 12 entries to the contest.

The contest will begin today, September 10. The last question will be posted on my birthday September 21, 2013. Two winners will be announced the next day.


Q1: The first song is called “Chuggada Choo.” It’s about a kid playing with his/her train set. Can you guess why I’ve had a special interest in trains since childhood?

Q2: The title track of the new album is called “Just Imagine” and is all about imagination. What do your kids imagine they are going to be when they grow up?

Q3: Today is Kim, my dynamic wife’s, birthday. In her honour I wrote a song called “Mama Samba” because she loves to dance! If you could be on “Dancing with the Stars” which celebrity would you want to dance with?

Q4: There is a song about a cool cow named Chloe on the new record. She’s cool because she’s a really good friend. What quality do you value most in a friend?

Q5. This album has my first bonafide country song on it. It’s called “Stampede” and I’m hoping it’s a hit especially with the Calgarians! My question today is who is your favourite country singer?

Q6: One of the songs, “Trikers,” is about a group of kids who cruise around the neighbourhood in temporary tattoos! What’s your kid’s preference (bike, trike, strider or other)?

Q7: In the tradition of my song “Full of Beans” I wrote a song called “Eat a Plum, Yum Yum” to celebrate fruit. What is your kids’ favourite fruit?

Q8: My new song “Colour It!” is a song about drawing, colouring and art in general. Instead of answering a question today I would instead love to see some of your kids’ artwork. Take a picture and share it with me on FB or Twitter and be sure to include the hashtag #JustImagine.

Q9: “Dive in the Pool” is a song about swimming. Always a fun time with the kids! Where is the best place you’ve ever gone swimming?

Q10: I got to spend this morning at preschool with my daughter. I even got to sing a few songs with her class. This is an example of what we call a “Daddy Daughter Day.” What is your favourite activity to do with the kid(s)?

Q11: After years of playing outdoor gigs in the rain I finally wrote my rain song. It’s called “Ella’s Umbrella.” Today I would love it if you could post/share a photo of your kid(s) with their umbrella. I’ll post one too, to get everyone started.

Q12: The final song on the album is a lullaby. We’ve got a pretty good bedtime routine around here, but we’re always looking for good bedtime books. What is one of your kid’s favourites?

That was the final question for the #JustImagine contest. I will announce the winners on Sunday, September 22.

The contest is done. 12 days, 12 questions about 12 new songs and we had 19 people participate for a total of 86 entries.

The winners are Sharon Boglari and Harriet Fancott! Congratulations you two, and thanks to everyone who participated. I hope we’ll see you at one of the CD release parties!

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  • Christine Coughlin Says:

    A pirate princess panda! She’s 2 🙂

  • Will Says:

    Wow! That doas sound like a fun thing to be when you grow up!

  • Maryam Says:

    Q3. I’d be dancing with George Clooney!

  • Shireen Graham Says:

    A1: Did a family member work with trains?
    A2: Max wants to be a mechanic (that’s this weeks answer)
    A3: Ryan Gosling of course

  • Fiona Says:

    1) dad’s profession. 😉
    2) only eldest has chosen: forensic anthropologist.
    4) sincerety
    5) brooks & Dunn, specifically “My Maria”…

  • Maryam Says:

    Q6… Kick scooter

  • Michelle M Says:

    Q6: The easy route in the Chariot behind the bike

  • Maryam Says:

    Q10.. We play I Spy or we try to find words with a certain letter on the way to school

  • Maryam Says:

    Q12… It used to be The Rainbow Fish… Now it’s changing daily!