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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show

Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show


New Will’s Jams episodes airing Oct. 2 on Kids’ CBC

After a year of working with Turtlebox Productions, the second series of “Will’s Jams” is set to debut on October 2, 2013 on Kids’ CBC.

Television production is a much more involved undertaking than I ever expected, but am I ever excited by the results. Cam and Kat Hayuk from Turtlebox and their crew did some great work on this second series.

My Backyard9

We did some crazy stuff in the filming of this series of “Will’s Jams.” For instance, when preparing to shoot the video for “Let’s Shake” we wanted to have me flying, falling, running, flipping all over the place. We decided the best way to do this was to shoot me in a special effects green screen studio where I was put in a harness and flung around the room so that the video would look as unreal yet as realistic as possible! I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but the result was great. After Cam’s great editing in this video, I am literally flying all over the place in what is essentially a Rube Goldberg machine.

IMG_0860 Another video that was really incredible to shoot was “Walk ‘n’ Roll.” Over three days, Cam took over 10,000 photos of me walking around Vancouver to create this stop motion animation video.  I had to sing in slow motion and break down words like “walk” and ‘talk” into 12-18 different shots so that when edited it actually looks like I’m singing while speeding through the landscape.

Walk n Roll3

One of my favourites of the new series is “Rockin’ in the Rockies.” The video is delivered in the style of “Full of Beans,” but this time I’m surrounded by my wild animal band. To shoot me singing the song we needed to isolate my head so that it could be placed on the puppet. For this shoot I wore a green man suit with the head part cut off and sat there singing in front of a green screen. The shooting was ridiculous but the result is so cool!

Rockin in the Rockies2The second series also features “My Backyard,” “Pete the Funky Monkey,” “The Crocodile Chomp,” and “Goodnight”  from my album “My Backyard,” as well as “Boost Me Up,” and “Oh my my, Hippopotami” from my album “Walk ‘n’ Roll.”

Tune into  Kids’ CBC Mondays at 10:55 am, Wednesdays at 8:25 am and Fridays at 9:25 am to catch Will’s Jams. To find out more, visit www.willsjams.ca. Visit the Will’s Jams photo gallery for more fun photos.

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    We can’t wait for all the great things coming up Will, your CD release and new shows. Happy little camper in our house 🙂