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Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show

Will’s Jams Live Multimedia Show

2017 JUNO & WCMA Nominee



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“I believe that Will is the kind of performer that will follow in the footsteps and take up the mantle of past iconic children’s performers like Raffi, Fred Penner and Sharon Lois and Bram. His music and performance style has weight and character and he is on the cusp of becoming a household name.”
– Casey Prescott, Associate Director of Producing, Banff Centre

“We often get CDs and DVDs sent to us for review.  Most come home to our best critics… The kids!  Will’s Jams is the first DVD I’ve brought home to my house where both kids (2 and 4) watch enthusiastically, asking for more. There is a good variety of tunes and beats and the videos are creative and interesting to watch—for adults too. The songs are addictive and have an educational aspect to them so the kids are learning without knowing it.”
– Andrea Vance, publisher, WestCoast Families magazine

“Will Stroet’s show is always a memorable experience. I love bringing him to the Surrey International Children’s Festival because he is a bilingual performer. The great thing about Will’s show is that he’s not just fun for the kids, he does a performance that is really engaging for the whole family.”
– Marnie Perrin, artistic director, Surrey International Children’s Festival

“Educational, fun loving, funky folk-rock that children of any age can love and learn from. Upbeat and always entertaining and educational, Will Stroet brings to children’s music what is truly needed; a sense of loving the little things in life while exploring the world around you. With songs like “Pete the Funky Monkey” or the “Bike Safety Boogie” to groove to, Will will be around in this scene for a long time to come.”
– Zachary Monson, Programmer, Galaxie Digital Radio’s “Kid’s Stuff” channel

“We recently booked Will for a children’s concert in Quesnel, and were thoroughly impressed with the performance, as well as how professional and smooth the whole process of booking was. We had a great attendance and heard many positive reviews from the families who were there for weeks afterward. The kids who were there seemed to be enjoying themselves, singing, dancing and participating in the performance which was fantastic. 5 stars in our books!”
– Amy Quarry, Quesnel Children’s Concert Society

“Will’s music delivers positive messages to children and their parents alike, and is easy to listen to. We’ve been watching ‘Bike Safety Boogie’ and ‘I’m Gonna Walk’ videos on YouTube for the past year and were so happy to hear that Will released a DVD of music videos. In our household, the videos have been kid-tested and parent-approved, over and over and over again,”
– Corine Willems, Vancouver mom

“At the first strum, our kids who are deaf and hard of hearing were up and out of their seats, ready to listen, sing and dance with Will. They already knew his music since they listen to his CDs over and over in morning music class. They had the time of their lives at our Get Loud Sing A Long fundraising concert, and so did their parents and teachers. Will’s music and spirit kept all of us smiling and moving.
-Janet Weil, principal, Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of B.C.

“Walk ‘n’ Roll contains some of the most fun and easy listening music I have ever listened to! The CD, as the name implies, has a great rock and roll feel to many of the songs. The melodies are energetic and incredibly adult-friendly, but the subject matter is all kid. From hippos to booster seats, hygiene to jam, there is lots of different subject matter on the CD but it is all very kid-friendly! I loved how fun and informative the songs were… Will’s music is enjoyable for parents, tons of fun for kids and instructive as well as entertaining.”
— Kathryn Lavallee,

“Will’s music is fun, light and engaging, capturing the attention and interest of kids and adults alike with tunes such as “Henry the Meowing Dog” and “Bike Safety Boogie.” His catchy melodies and fun lyrics had our whole family grooving along!”
– Kerri Leland, editor, Edmonton’s Child magazine

“My family was recently introduced to Will Stroet’s music, and I have to say that I’m very impressed! We got Will’s CD entitled “My Backyard,” and from the very first song, all three kids were bopping, jumping and all smiles. Each song on this album is full of energy, the vocals are ones that kids can relate to and makes them want to shake their sillies out. The songs range from mellow to energetic, stories about the environment, animals, sports, safety and just plain goofiness!”
– Tammi Roy, mom and blogger,

“If you’re looking for a CD to give as a gift this holiday season, to those who fall in the “Children’s Album” category, then “My Backyard” by Will Stroet is a fantastic musical offering. My two little ones were laughing, dancing and singing around the kitchen as we listened to the CD. The album got two enthusiastic thumbs up from the almost four-year-old boy and almost two-year-old girl music critics in training.”
– Consuelo Bernardi, mom and blogger,

“Watch out — your foot will start tapping and your child’s hands will be clapping. Will Stroet makes music that brings a smile to the faces of both parents and kids. With lyrics reflecting themes of imagination and the environment, children hear noteworthy messages while bopping along. Featuring recordings in both French and English, Will’s music truly reaches all Canadian families.”
– Colleen Bezeau, editor and publisher, Okanagan Child Magazine

“Will Stroet was a smash hit at our Christmas party. Everyone I talked to thought he was a refreshing breath of cool winter’s air, a skilled and talented singer and musician, and a guy with a knack of getting the kids up off the floor and on their feet and active. It was an energetic performance and one that many commented on very favourably. Please put him down as our first choice for a return visit next year.”
– Ray Dykes, Public Affairs Consultant, Westshore Terminals

“It’s always a real treat having Will perform. It doesn’t matter what language he sings in the kids always seem to understand what he’s saying and doing. Will can talk to kids, for sure! We love him at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.”
– Irene Kobylkin-Somody, children’s librarian, West Vancouver

“The kids were hoppin’ and boppin’ along to Will’s music in Richmond’s French Immersion schools! We plan to have Will and his band back for a third year.”
– Diane Tijman, district curriculum coordinator, Richmond School District

“Will was so much fun! With his bilingual performance and the occasional Spanish, he is able to engage kids from kindergarten to grade 7. His teaching background is obvious as he kept the kids going by using lots of action songs. The younger kids are able to learn French words as they are paired with actions. Some kids felt they would “sing all day” after Will’s concert.”
– Pauline Mahoney, Canadian Parents for French – Bulkley Valley Chapter

“I have booked Will Stroet for six events on Bowen Island in the last few years and would recommend him for any event. He has a great talent for writing songs that speak to young kids and they always respond enthusiastically to his music and his fun, friendly energy. We can’t wait to have him back again this year.”
– Cam Hayduk, organizer, Bowen Island Kids Concert Series

“My family was so impressed by one of Will’s shows that I booked him to perform at my elementary school. Will had a gym full of students, parents, and teachers out of their seats and dancing.”
– Bill Juhasz, principal, Richmond

“The boys loved Will’s show and we watched him on YouTube last night. They especially liked the Funky Monkey song and your special guitar.”
– Jennifer McLennan, Mom

“When I started to hand Will’s CDs to the kids, a great big cheer went up in the room. They were so excited. When I asked them on Monday who had listened to it at home on the weekend, every student’s hand went straight up. Even the teachers, who I ordered a few extras for, were thrilled.”
– Rochelle Hutton, grade one French immersion teacher, Waterloo, Ontario

“Will Stroet’s songs are really fun and have huge appeal for both children and adults. He has an excellent presence in front of an audience; the children enjoy themselves greatly and behave very well. Our primaries knew a number of the songs before the concert and were thrilled to join in the singing or dancing for some of the numbers. What a positive experience for all! We had a wonderful time!”
– Susan Mirhady, kindergarten teacher, Vancouver