2017 JUNO & WCMA Nominee



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Will performs with his Backyard Band, as a duo or solo for:

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Study Guide

Will Stroet Study Guide

Relive all the fun from the live show! The Will Stroet Study Guide includes verses with accompanying actions, as well as composition exercises and creative activities.

Download: Will Stroet Study Guide (PDF)


All lyric sheets are downloadable in PDF format.

Wordplay Lyrics


Just Imagine Lyrics

Just Imagine

Walk ‘n’ Roll (48kb)

My Backyard (44kb)

Let’s All Dance (60kb)



Ensemble en cadence (52kb)

Dans Mon Jardin (44kb)

Will et sa maman (48kb)

Colouring Sheets



Tikers colouring page

Chuggada Choo

Chuggada Choo colouring sheet

Ella's Umbrella

Ella’s Umbrella colouring sheet


Stampede colouring page

Will Stroet logo

Will Stroet logo

My Backyard Colouring Sheet -1

My Backyard Colouring Sheet – 2

My Backyard Colouring Sheet – 3

My Backyard Colouring Sheet – 4

Walk ‘n’ Roll Colouring Sheet – 1

Walk ‘n’ Roll Colouring Sheet – 2

Walk ‘n’ Roll Colouring Sheet – 3

Walk ‘n’ Roll Colouring Sheet – 4